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Medium: Printmaking , Clay & Wood , Mixed Media , Painting , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 283-5460

[email protected]


My work explores the identity of African American people and how the world responds to their identity. Being black and a creative, I want to create an intentional dialogue of what's happening around the many men and women of color residing in a world that doesn’t share with them the spectrum of equity or equality.

My common theme is strength, hope, and injustice. My process is mixed media from wall sparkle, dirt, paper, metal, pastels, and found objects. "Making a way out of no way," is the ideal of overcoming obstacles. Painting ideas are thought out through sketches, but the outcome of the piece is unknown. I paint using a technique between abstract and recognizable portraits. I love painting the human form; especially black people, it moves individuals to social action, an overall thrilling messages that speaks solidarity. My flow is very upfront and intentional. I choose to make black art because if not me then who?


Take E North St and Brushy Creek Rd to Trade St in Greer. Turn right onto Trade St. Your destination will be on the right.