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Regranting Program Overview

MAC’s quarterly grants program is the backbone of the organization, and it ensures a major stream of unrestricted income in addition to project support to individual artists, arts organizations, and arts education programs throughout Greenville.

The impact of these grants on the overall cultural environment of Greenville is significant, as the funds have allowed artists and presenting companies to expand their programs and services. Many schools and youth-oriented groups have been recipients of MAC grants, and the support is vital in ensuring the arts remain an important part of secondary and higher education. MAC project support grants have also allowed individual artists to travel to different places to enhance their abilities while being great ambassadors for Greenville’s art scene. 

It is imperative that MAC continues to make every effort to expand its grants program to ensure the arts remain a significant factor in the vitality and economic well-being of the Greenville community. Without funding from MAC, many arts and cultural projects would not exist. One of MAC’s primary goals is to expand the grants program every year to support as many organizations and projects as feasibly possible.

Deadlines 2024

Applications must be postmarked or delivered to the MAC office by 5 PM of the deadline date. If the deadline occurs on a holiday or weekend, the next business day becomes the default deadline date. No late, faxed, or emailed applications may be accepted.

    • 1st Q: Thursday, February 15
      May – July, 2024 (project’s initiation date range)
    • 2nd Q: Wednesday, May 15
      August – October, 2024 (project’s initiation date range)
    • 3rd Q: Thursday, August 15
      November, 2024 – January, 2025 (project’s initiation date range)
    • 4th Q: Friday, November 15
      February – April, 2025 (project’s initiation date range)

Grant Categories

Grants are awarded in 4 categories: