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  • 1st place | Yelitza Diaz
    "People from Here" | Acrylic
  • 2nd place | Keith Grace
    "Madison" | Mixed media
  • 3rd place | Kent Ambler
    "Refugee" | Woodcut
  • 4th place | Jean Wilson Freeman
    "Vaglia in Color (Vaglia)" | Mixed media
  • 5th place | Douglas Piper
    "Lonesome Pine" | Wood block print and vintage topo map
  • 6th place | Olivia Perreault
    "A Step Along the Way to Custer State Park" | Acrylic
  • 7th place | Carey Lee Hudson
    "Paraclete" Oil on canvas
  • 8th place | Drew Conley
    "Come What May" | Oil on linen
  • Diane Kilgore Condon
    "Song of the Blind Finch" | Oil
  • Jo Carol Mitchell Rogers
    "In All Their Vim and Glory" | Acrylic and graphite
  • Caroline Wright
    "Bred For" | Acrylic on panel