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The funding priority of the artistic collaboration project grant is to support activities of a group of artists working in a collaborative project that helps advance the artistic development of the artists and ensembles involved. When applicable, priority is given to projects that ensure access to the arts for all residents and visitors; projects that help stimulate economic and community development through the arts; and projects that emphasize arts programming that develops and/or attract new arts audiences. The project or collaborative relationship should not be permanent or ongoing. Collaborations that are aiming to evolve into a permanent entity are not eligible for this grant category.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must satisfy ALL eligibility requirements as follows:

  1. Be practicing artists in dance, music, literature, media, theater, or visual arts.
  2. Be at least 18 years old and not matriculating students throughout the grant cycle.
  3. Be a permanent resident of Greenville County for a minimum of 6 months prior to the application deadline and during the grant period. Must be able to prove residency if asked by the panel.
  4. Have the ability to match 1:1 any grant funds awarded.

Funding Range, Restrictions + Match

Up to $1,500.00 and a 1:1 (applicant to MAC) match per award. Applicants who have outstanding MAC project support activities or reports are ineligible to apply for funds until all previously awarded grant requirements have been completed and approved. No more than two grants may be awarded to an applicant within one fiscal/calendar year. A single project cannot be funded from two separate quarterly grants. A 1:1 match (applicant to MAC) is required.

2024 Deadlines

Applications must be postmarked or delivered to the MAC office by 5 PM of the deadline date. If the deadline occurs on a holiday or weekend, the next business day becomes the default deadline date. No late, faxed or emailed applications may be accepted.

    • 1st Q: Thursday, February 15
      May – July, 2024 (project’s initiation date range)
    • 2nd Q: Wednesday, May 15
      August – October, 2024 (project’s initiation date range)
    • 3rd Q: Thursday, August 15
      November, 2024 – January, 2025 (project’s initiation date range)
    • 4th Q: Friday, November 15
      February – April, 2025 (project’s initiation date range)

You will need to mail or bring in an original application along with 9 stapled copies (10 total) – see Guidelines section of the application.

Click on the link below, then click on the download icon to save it to your computer. The application will be a PDF document. To have an application emailed to you, contact MAC.