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The funding priority of the arts organizations quarterly project grant program is given to projects that strongly consider the effect the project will have in the community: projects that provide a consistent funding mechanism for the arts and cultural organizations regarding payments to artists and artist-related costs; projects that promote cultural tourism by supporting special efforts to entice visitors to include arts activities in their Greenville itineraries; projects that advance the artistic, administrative and organizational capacity of the arts/cultural organizations; projects that ensure access to the arts for all residents and visitors; projects that help stimulate economic and community development through the arts; and projects that emphasize arts programming that develops and/or attract new arts audiences. Expenses considered are artist fees, production or exhibition-related costs, and marketing and promotion campaigns. Consideration of an organizations’ staff or overhead expenses, if included, will be decided on a case-to-case basis.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must satisfy ALL eligibility requirements as follows:

  1. Be a unit of government or charitable organization with current registration from the Office of the Secretary of State of South Carolina;
  2. Be located in and serving the residents of Greenville County;
  3. Show the ability to collect the required matching funds.

Funding Range, Restrictions + Match

Up to $3,000.00 and a 2:1 (applicant to MAC) match per award. Applicants who have outstanding MAC project support activities or reports are ineligible to apply for funds until all previously awarded grant requirements have been completed and approved. No more than two grants may be awarded to an applicant within one fiscal/calendar year. A single project cannot be funded from two separate quarterly grants. Project support grant applications from organizations receiving General Operating Support (GOS) funding will be given lower priority – these GOS organizations are encouraged instead to consider being a collaborating partner in a project grant application made by a non-GOS organization.

2024 Deadlines

Applications must be postmarked or delivered to the MAC office by 5 PM of the deadline date. If the deadline occurs on a holiday or weekend, the next business day becomes the default deadline date. No late, faxed or emailed applications may be accepted.

    • 1st Q: Thursday, February 15
      May – July, 2024 (project’s initiation date range)
    • 2nd Q: Wednesday, May 15
      August – October, 2024 (project’s initiation date range)
    • 3rd Q: Thursday, August 15
      November, 2024 – January, 2025 (project’s initiation date range)
    • 4th Q: Friday, November 15
      February – April, 2025 (project’s initiation date range)

You will need to mail or bring in an original application along with 9 stapled copies (10 total) – see Guidelines section of the application.

Click on the link below, then click on the download icon to save it to your computer. The application will be a PDF document. To have an application emailed to you, contact MAC.

Past Grantees

Metropolitan Arts Council

International Ballet is tremendously grateful for the program grants we have received from the Greenville Metropolitan Arts Council in 2021. Thanks to MAC, IB was able to produce a virtual Storytime Ballet (outreach video) for the Greenville Public Library System and also send three of our faculty members to a world-renowned teacher training program in the summer. Both projects benefitted individual artists and the broader community and we are proud to partner with MAC for this purpose.

Metropolitan Arts Council

Our relationship with MAC stretches back well over a decade, and their assistance in helping us grow has been substantial. I joined the orchestra in 2010 when we had just 4 concerts during the season and did not really have an established home (Our average orchestra concert attendance at that time was around 200). This season, we are doing 11 concerts divided into an orchestra and chamber concert series, with the orchestra series getting closer to an average attendance of 500. Additionally, we have found a home in the city of Greer, where we hope to continue to expand our offerings to better serve our community. This growth would not have been possible without MAC; the work that they do is vital for the Arts Community.

Metropolitan Arts Council

Funding from MAC allows Salsa at Sunset to remain a free public event, eliminating the barrier of socio- economic restrictions from participation in a vibrant cultural opportunity and community building event.

Metropolitan Arts Council

MAC’s support enables Chautauqua to bring the absolutely best historical interpreters to perform for Greenville. But more than that, MAC’s belief in Chautauqua inspires us and enables us to leverage our impact on our community.