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Medium: Printmaking , Mixed Media , Open Studios , Visual Arts , Photography , Drawing

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[email protected]


Human beings are complex creatures, full of odd habits, perceptions, and instincts that make us unique amongst all other animals. One of our habits that I find particularly fascinating is the need for humanity to process its surroundings. This peculiar drive is the common theme in all of my work. The processing of raw materials into products, the process of industrial reproduction, and/or the way these transformations influence our perceptions of what belongs where. I've investigated this subject using primarily plant and animal imagery.

I've focused on the interaction between natural and manufactured processes, and how they degrade or uplift an object. In my works on paper the image is gradually destroyed, but is then reunited on the page with its previous context and impressions to create something greater than the individual parts. There is beauty in the destruction and deterioration that fascinates me, and compels me to continue investigating this relationship visually.


Heading down N. Main towards North St. take a right onto College St. Travel for one block then take a right onto Townes St.Continue on Townes for a quarter mile (you'll pass the Greek Orthodox Church), and take a left onto Central Ave. Good Art Co. will be the first parking lot on the right.