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Medium: Open Studios , Visual Arts , Clay

Contact Information

(239) 247-1566

[email protected]

The focus of my work is the advocation for wildlife and native environments.
The time I spend in these places inspires me and brings me great joy. I love watching baby birds learn how to fly, or a squirrel running in a spiral around a tree trunk. Such simple, beautiful pleasures.

My exhibitions are a combination of plant and animal sculptures with an interpretive component. I use symbolism and stories to clarify the plight of my subjects. My concern is that our failure to protect the non-humans of the planet will lead to the end of their existence and eventually our own. It is my hope, that by raising awareness, more people will come to cherish the wild spaces and join the effort to preserve them.


From 1-385 S, take exit 35 for SC-146/Woodruff Rd. Turn left onto SC-146 E/Woodruff Rd. Turn left onto SC-296 E/S Bennetts Bridge Rd. Turn right onto Knob Creek Ct. The destination will be on the right. The studio is behind the house on the hill.