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Medium: Printmaking , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 901-0384

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Vivian’s art explores a world of extraordinary creatures and humans and their interactions. Her images tell stories of companionship, fantasy, and a little mischief. All of Vivian’s creatures and people are born from her imagination, which has been fed with many classic story books, movies, and cultural experiences. These and many more things have inspired her original scenes.
Vivian uses a relief printmaking method called reduction woodcut. Woodcut printing is an ancient form of art making, in which the surface of a block of wood is carved to create an image then used to transfer the artist’s creation onto a substrate such as piece of paper. In the reduction process, every color is carved from one block in succession as the surface of the block gets cut away or reduced. Vivian uses particle board and the tiniest of carving tools in order to achieve the most precise detail; every color is mixed keeping in mind the previous colors and those yet to be printed; and every action (cutting, carving, printing, even signing) is done with the utmost care.


Head North on Main Street. Utopian Gallery is located on the corner of North Street and North Main. We are on the third floor above Bertolo's Pizza.