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Medium: Painting , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 346-9346

[email protected]


Artist Statement

As a former art educator, I understand and appreciate not only the final work of art but also the process in which the art piece is created – both physically and emotionally. I take photographs or find pictures of objects that inspire me. If it gives me joy, I know that I will enjoy painting it. I have to connect with an object in order to paint it. Once decided, I sketch the image on the canvas. Then I apply the oil paint with brushes, palette knives, rags, and occasionally my fingers. I enjoy many layers of paint with lots of color. Pink especially makes me happy!

Confession of this Artist: Starting a painting can be extremely difficult for me and causes much angst but I have come to realize that painting is much like life. I cannot do anything without faith! I have found that once I squeeze the paint on the art palette the creative door opens.