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Medium: Clay & Wood , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 706-3746

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Artist Statement

“Our Creative Adventures” is the collaborative work of husband and wife team, Lonnie & Margie Johnson. Both artists had their start in 2D work (painting, photography, and digital art), but now spend most of their time working on 3D ceramic and porcelain sculptures. Many of their creations are part of the ongoing development of a body of work comprised of their interpretations of the many different varieties of magnolia flowers found around the globe.

The original magnolia inspiration came from different places for each of them, but has created a synergistic opportunity to expand each vision and create life-like sculptural renditions of one of nature’s most beautiful flowers. Margie created her first magnolia-inspired hand-built sculptural piece while taking a ceramic course in college. Her instructor saw the potential in that concept and encouraged her to pursue it and see where the journey might lead. At the same time, she was working on a magnolia oil painting that became a cherished work of art, and has inspired both Lonnie and Margie to continue to find new ways to see the beauty and serenity found in the magnolia.

Lonnie grew up with a magnificent Southern Magnolia tree growing in the front yard of his childhood home. Many memories of climbing that tree, smelling the flowers in bloom, and picking up bags and bags of dropped cones have combined to make this flower a life-long friend (though the cone-picking-up wasn’t that fun). When Margie shared her new-found love of working with ceramic clay with Lonnie, they began to exchange ideas and inspiration with the result of seeing a collaborative creative experience begin to unfold.

Together, Lonnie & Margie are working to continuously advance their craft and vision and find new ways to experience these beautiful flowers. The result has been an evolving process of both craft and design, as they build these delicate floral impressions from a combination of natural reference and imaginative embellishment. Each creation is unique and one-of-a-kind. Though they may use a similar concept, no two pieces will be exactly the same due to the completely hand-crafted process of working with clay and glazes. Many people find that the flowers and logs are surprisingly life-like, and the sculptures are a joy to any home year-round with their natural beauty and grace.

It is the sincere desire of the artists that viewers of their work would find a balance of visual beauty, mystery, texture, and color that engages, delights, and imparts a peace and joy. The process of crafting these works has truly become a “creative adventure” for both Margie & Lonnie and they hope that you will join them as they continue to embark on Our Creative Adventures.