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Medium: Mixed Media , Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Michelle Jardines is Cuban-American, born in 1979 in Jersey City, NJ. Jardines is a first generation Cuban-American artist who has emerged in the wake of the influence of Gerhard Richter, Frida Kahlo and Alyssa Monks. Jardines is constantly refining her visual influences through multiple areas of contemporary art. Her Cuban heritage has led her to focus on abstract realism and abstract expressionism though she doesn’t feel defined to one area of art as her work is continuously evolving through her life experiences.

Through expressive palettes knife and brush strokes, she alters and creates compelling and memorable paintings with bold colors and dramatic composition. She explores the spiritual fragility of her surrounding environment, human emotion and how it can be expressed through her works of paint. Jardines is compelled to connect what is in her mind, feel it in the deepest, most valuable part of her heart and finds a way to create it through her hands.
“The magic happens in that very moment when it all unfolds right in front of my eyes and I can see my soul baring it onto a canvas. When people look, see it, understand it and connect it to their story…we forever will have that shared moment.”