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Medium: Digital Arts , Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information


[email protected]

Using my smartphone as my medium, I paint digitally on the phone's touchscreen using an app that simulates traditional painting techniques, creating scenes from life, memory, and imagination. My goal is to capture the details that make things special, and to produce imagery that conveys specific thoughts and feelings.

I bring the pieces into the physical world myself, using a professional fine art printer, pigment based inks, and archival quality papers and canvas. Each piece that is not under glass is varnished for longevity and paired with a frame that helps set the tone for the piece. The craftsmanship of the finished product is important. My work is eclectic in content, however tied together by the goal of conveying a thought or feeling, with inspiration coming from life and music. My philosophy is to paint what I feel, to be true, to push myself to capture what makes something special, then stop. An example is the piece, "So?," that was shown at the 2019 Artisphere Artist of the Upstate exhibition. The piece depicts a black cat, with piercing yellow eyes and a smug, "so what" expression, sitting proper on a table top, in front of a bottle that has been knocked over and spilled. It is a simple image that conveys the cat's feelings to the viewer, through his expression and dominant eyes, and captures the title, "So?".

As mentioned above, my goal is to capture the details that make things special, and the most important aspect of my work is communicating the feeling. The accuracy of the depiction is sometimes meticulously crafted, other times it is a loose impression. As of late, I have been experimenting with custom-painting the frames, making the frame even more integral into the expression of the piece. The end goal remains the same, to always appear organic, human and to convey the thought or feeling to the viewer.