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Medium: Painting

Contact Information

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My Name is Ronald Boddie,
born and raised in a small town called Nashville NC. I started drawing at the age of 7 using pencil and elevated to paint decades later. Drawing has always been my passion. I can remember back in 3rd grade my teacher would always let me draw when when there wasn't much to do in class on that particular day. Fast forwarding to my adult years, once joining the work world I became an Alarm Technician and stayed in that field for more than 25 years till one day I was injured on the job and was then forced into disabled retirement. It was at that time I re-discovered my passion, my passion for painting it has been the medium that has assisted me Therapeutically in dealing with the pain and loss of my every day lively of providing for my wife and myself. I now spend a great deal of time painting with acrylic as my pass time when not painting I'm out in nature or exercising. In closing I want to thank my wife whole heartedly and other family members for their continuous support in my endeavor. My near future goal is to Own my painting studio and continue to create with acrylic or 2 other mediums such as oil or watercolor. Most of all I hope that my goal and work of my paintings I create will manifest and be shared with people All over the world. May people admire and be inspired by my creations. Last words "Never give up on your passion for what ever positive you do."