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Medium: Mixed Media , Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 412-9255

[email protected]

Artist Statement

This is Snehal, an abstract artist, specialized in fluid art and alcohol ink art techniques. I am currently based out of USA, originally from India. Art is form of meditation wherein we get deeper into inner self and find the emotional balance, real joy, depth of serenity and express it on piece of canvas. I like to call myself an experimenter and life-long learner as I have evolved with various art techniques, expressions in different mediums and materials. With every painting, I like to push myself, and go one step further towards creating positive and beautiful art pieces.
I enjoy an act of bringing balance between the high flexibility and control, which comes with abstraction of fluid art and alcohol ink art techniques. I like to use pastel, delicate and sometimes bright colors to bring harmony and positive emotions. My philosophy is to create paintings with passion and love in order to bring peace. Life is really beautiful; we should just meditate it with the lens of colors