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Medium: Clay & Wood , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 704-6663

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Simple. Whimsical. Natural. Playful. Functional. Mischievous. My art is usable, quaint and yet practical. I craft pieces that are fit for daily life. Incorporating elements of soft lines, smooth contours and strong forms, I enjoy creating ceramic ware that is unique and distinct.

My art is made from a stoneware clay body. I throw each piece on a pottery wheel, trim, decorate, glaze and fire each piece with care and attention to detail. I take pride in crafting my pieces and guiding them through each of the ceramic stages deliberately and meticulously.

Pottery all around us; our floors are tile, our plates are porcelain, our lamps are ceramic. Everywhere we look, the utilitarianism of ceramics plays a role in our day to day life.

I focus my making efforts on crafting pieces that each person can enjoy using every day. If I can take a lump of mud and turn it into a piece of art that someone enjoys using and looking at, I get a sense of artistic validation and pride, knowing that my work can bring other people even just a smidgen of happiness each day.


From downtown head west on Academy St (Hwy 123) towards Easley. Turn right onto Sentell Rd and Left onto Knollview Dr. The studio is on the right side of the street.