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Medium: Drawing & Paper Arts , Painting , Visual Arts

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There is vibrancy in life all around us. Whether it is an energetic wave crashing upon the sand or a gentle breeze tickling the leaves, there is something about this constant exchange in our natural world that draws us in.

Water reflects, crashes, and moves, constantly adjusting to the information and surroundings before it. With each passing second, the rich colors of our natural environment enhance these changes. This perennial interaction between elements can be represented by the fluid relationship between water and paint. Through this exploration of water, paint mimics its action as it flows across the surface. The relationship between these two elements naturally emerge, as both water and paint shape and control the imagery we see.

Botanical forms and designs encompass me within the studio, house, and natural environment. Both water and plants are foundations of life and I am inspired to depict this growth through my work. From the solid structure of a root to the fragility of a seashell, the balance between the bold and the delicate materializes. Similarly, you can capture the harmony of both with a brush. One can make a solid and thick stroke by holding it one way, carrying the brush across the surface in a direct and bold manner. However, by simply changing its orientation, a fine and dainty line caresses the canvas as it articulates a tender moment. It is through this intentional, yet unbound mark-making that I explore the durability and ethereal qualities that evolve within a simple earthly form.