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Gabriela Patania

Medium: Individuals , Literary Arts

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Awakening the Inner Power of Love with Gabriela Patania

Gabriela Patania is the author of Awakening the Inner Power of Love published in 2021 in USA. She was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina. After living twenty five years in Spain and almost two years in South Africa. She now lives in Greenville, SC. with her family and their two dogs. Gabriela speaks and actively collaborate with non-profits, and she has also written about mindfulness and personal growth. Gabriela is currently nominated for the South Carolina Upstate Latins Award as best local author. Gabriela's biography is a testament to her tireless spirit, as well as her passion for helping others to remember their true nature and deeper understanding of themselves, to better cultivate their self-love and empower their inner potentials. Gabriela's purpose is to inspire and empower people to embrace their inner power by remembering their true greatness, in order to overcome life's challenges and achieve their dreams. Gabriela has the deep certainty that, if each one of us take responsibility for ourselves and working for our own inner peace, we can create a more harmonious world for all of us.

Gabriela's website:
Instagram: @gabriela_patania