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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information


[email protected]

Artist Statement

My inspiration as a self-taught artist stems from the soil, much like my own Southern roots. I am most entwined with the earth while gardening when my hands are covered in the dirt sustaining my flowers and foliage that make my home and my art uniquely my own. I believe that flowers are nature’s way of smiling and I want to encourage the happiness to climb like vines down my garden path and into arrangements throughout my home and then onto the garden path and into arrangements throughout my home and then onto the canvas. My art allows me to make these natural beauties permanent in the paint, eternal. Through my work, I can make still nature vibrant by using bright paints. These vivid perspectives, I hope on the most basic level, make people smile.
Beyond the aesthetics, I like to include garden paths in my painting, the idea of our own paths crossing through the nature begs the question of where the path leads. We make our way down these winding paths, narrowing and widening, all extraordinary. I contemplate the meaning of these paths and paint it onto the canvas as an exploration or even encouragement.
I find myself mulling over these ideas long before the painting begins, while the canvas is still white. It is a sense of inspiration and satisfaction that happens through observation. I walk through my eclectic home and reach for stools, linens and vegetables to choose from, all varying textures or colors. Texture in the paint is important. I will use a pallet knife or even my fingers to give a heavy feel to my work. It is the thick paint that gives gravity to the final image, to the initial thought.
I ultimately draw from the Impressionist era of art history that welcomes whimsy and comfort in everyday life as well as the vibrant colors I love to use. As I paint I work diligently to bring this attitude to the forefront of my art.


From downtown Greenville, take E. Park Ave, cross Stone Ave, and E. Park becomes E. North St. Continue on E. North past the Pleasantburg and Haywood Rd intersections. On the left, approx. 3/4 mile past Mitchell Elementary School will be Cunningham Rd. Turn left onto Cunningham. Turn left onto Dellrose Cirlce. #206 is on the right.