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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 270-2338

[email protected]

Artist Statement

I have always been interested in drawing and art. As a young boy I was continually sketching, drawing futuristic cars and laying out plans for dream houses. I wanted to be an architect or an auto designer, but ended-up pursuing an education in Mechanical Engineering. I took drafting courses and a few product design courses which consisted of all of my “art” education. My career took me into many areas of Engineering, Marketing and General Management far from artistic endeavors, but I promised myself that upon retirement I would take up some type of creative art.
I always admired those artists who master the use of watercolor. Their skillful application of the combination of water and paint can create a translucent effect giving the painting a more natural look. I decided to try my hand after retirement and I have been working with watercolors since 2007. I guess I can be called a realist, but I try to work value, form and color into my work so it does not simply mimic a photograph. Somebody once said, “A person working just with their hands is a laborer, working with both hands and head is a craftsperson, but working with the hands, head and heart makes an artist”. I strive to place a little heart in my paintings. Although I find the painting process an enjoyable end unto itself, to convey something deeper than just color and form is truly fulfilling. I work with a broad range of subjects and usually work from photos I have taken or on site. Greenville and Charleston are especially great locations for an artist searching for inspiring subjects. Greenville also provides an excellent location from which to explore both the mountains and the beach for landscapes and seascapes.