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Medium: Fiber Arts , Mixed Media , Photography & Video , Sculpture & Metal , Visual Arts

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My work addresses the relationship between humans and digital technology from a personal perspective. The use of both organic and synthetic materials function as a metaphor for the blurring of boundaries between human, machine, and the natural environment. Through photography and sculpture, I form a dialogue between these entities, pointing out the connections between them in an effort to reconcile a sense of balance between digital and emotional connections. I use many elements that are remnants of myself or those close to me, creating sculptural forms and assemblages of natural materials, flesh-like membranes, and manufactured objects. Most of these sculptures are then documented through photography, with the resulting images serving as both self-portraiture and documentary. By utilizing various methods of self-extension, fragmentation, and recontextualization, the meditative process of composing these forms becomes a method of self-reflection and an act of reclamation over the body and self as a human.