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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 340-1529

[email protected]


Artist Statement

"I am interested in the primordial, the oldest of stories, cave paintings, ritual smoke, animal skins, hallucinogen-fueled hunts, rites of passage; the things that make us human on the deepest possible levels. The gods we conceived from our fears, and abandoned in our hubris.

My work references eastern calligraphy and western religious painting. My practice is meditative and I intentionally disrupt my own processes in an effort to remain in a flow state while creating them. It is more important to me to discover what meaningfulness viewers ascribe to my work than what they (or I) feel it ""means."


Drive north on Main St (passing the Soda Shop), and make a right on E Hillcrest Dr. The studio is located in a former church building on the left side of the street. Make a left turn after the church onto McDonald St and park in the spacious lot behind the church.