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Medium: Printmaking , Digital Arts , Drawing & Paper Arts , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 420-3659

[email protected]

Artist Statement

In my work, I strive for a sort of gradual revelation. I try to experience an enjoyably unpredictable process of making marks and playing with ideas in order to produce a strong, graphic image of something recognizable, letting the individual lines and scrapes and blocks of tone reveal themselves and exist because they are simply beautiful, but also for the sake of the resulting image itself. For me, being surprised is extremely important to my process of making marks, and letting those marks make a picture. If I keep myself from getting a little playful with the materials and the act of mark-making, I will inevitably end up feeling frustrated and bored with the predictability of the picture. And so, since I am excited by so many different media and mark-making processes, I tend to make different kinds of imagery at any given time. Over the years I’ve found myself working within a wide range of subject matter, from contemplative spiritual themes to botanical drawings to vintage bicycles, often using traditional media like intaglio printmaking and charcoal in combination with digital media.