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Medium: Drawing & Paper Arts , Painting , Visual Arts

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(864) 420-8649

[email protected]



I think I have always assumed that I would be an artist as a profession, or rather, I never considered doing anything else. As far back as I can remember I have always drawn—on the carpet, on the fireplace hearth, drawing when I should have been doing math, drawing on church bulletins… My parents graciously gave me art lessons throughout childhood and high school and then I went on to get a bachelors degree in fine art. One of the best things my art teachers did for me was introduce me to the fabulous artists throughout history—John Sargent, Leonard Baskin, Mauricio Lasansky, and the list goes on. My artwork is influenced by so many things: those art forefathers I just mentioned, small parts of nature, fashion, poetry, finely made objects and wonderful everyday experiences. I think I have several goals I try to accomplish with each piece of art: to express my personal appreciation for the object shown and to provoke the viewer to appreciation for that object when they come across it again in their own lives. Did I explain that correctly? How about this: be thankful for all the wonderful things you have been given—strawberries, breakfast, cake, birds, lovely brooches, everything. I will be the first to say that I take so many of the mundane things for granted.


From downtown, take Main St north to College St
and turn left. Continue on Pete Hollis Blvd and after
the bridge turn left onto Old Buncombe Rd. Drive
about 3 miles on Old Buncombe Rd and turn right
onto Courtney Circle. #100 is on the right, and the
door to the studio is on the porch nearest the stone
pathway from the driveway.