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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 525-9660

[email protected]

Artist Statement

For me, creating art is very relaxing; like reading a good book. Once settled down to create, much of the stress and cares of the day seem to be non-existent as the piece takes shape. It is very enveloping. I lose all sense of time and place when painting. I forget about my surroundings. All is quiet. All is calm. Creativity is flowing. I consider myself a romantic. Flowers, especially roses, dominate much of my work. I am painstakingly realistic which I find very difficult to break out of. I love looking at other styles of artwork and enjoying abstraction, impressionism, and the like, but it is difficult to enjoy it as my own style. My newer pieces are showing signs of change which is creating an excitement for me. The more I experiment the more I enjoy and love my work.