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Medium: Drawing & Paper Arts , Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(845) 986-3653

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Using the expressive force of the figure and the human gaze, my paintings and sculptures examine metaphysical as well as natural themes.
I have always been driven to translate emotion into forms that others can read and understand for themselves. I strive to reveal the inner life of my sitters as well as offer a great likeness. My art is expressed in touch, in the rhythm of the hand on the material, in the poetry of the process that resolves itself into an object that may speak on a spiritual plane to the viewer. It is a meditation and a prayer, an urge to reach an understanding with the universe, to describe the human condition. As an artist, I want to take you on that journey with me and evoke your own response.

Art is a powerful form of communication, intrinsic and necessary to the culture that sustains us. In an uncertain climate, I try to join philosophy with beauty, content with form. My recent works explore some darker visions, because lately I spend less time wondering which kind of varnish can last centuries, and more about my carbon footprint. I am an artist caught in the zeitgeist, what can I say? What will matter in a hundred years is what we are doing in the present.