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Medium: Clay & Wood , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 884-2657

[email protected]

Artist Statement

My work reflects an exploration of various ceramic traditions and styles. These forms are inspired by Chinese and Japanese forms and old wine jars and vessels from Etruscan and Early Roman times that I have observed during trips to Italy. Shapes suggest forms and become more fanciful as the process progresses (or digresses). Each piece conjures another and therefore acts as a muse—an inspiration to later work. Using shape as my main focus, I explore a variety of wheel thrown vessels in an attempt to create more active and distinctly different pots. I see these clay surfaces as canvas—and as forms that are receptive to layers of multiple colors while offering themselves to markmaking and distortion. They exhibit combinations of color and surface that emphasize the soft nature of wet clay that allows them to interact with glaze and thus create a dialogue between form and surface.


From downtown Greenville, take 276 (Poinsett Hwy) toward Furman University. Continue past the Cherrydale Shopping Center and through the light at the Speedway Station. O.5 miles past the Speedway, turn right onto S Parker Rd, then right onto Davidson Rd and right onto Crestline Rd. #42 is on the right.