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Medium: Printmaking , Mixed Media , Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information


[email protected]

Artist Statement

Beauty and Barbs begins with instinct and results in vibrant, playful excess. Brady looks to the Pattern and Decoration Movement that developed in the 1970s to contextualize her work, while also drawing from fashion and her longtime interest in sewing to manipulate hard surfaces to resemble lingerie-like doilies. Brady slips a barb (sometimes literally) into her otherwise ornate, decorative layers of patterns atop Plexiglas and bits of mirror. Slits of the transparent Plexi support or reflective planes are exposed to varying degrees, inviting the environment to permeate the pieces.

This new work expresses desire and craving, humor, a taste for art making that is not easily satiated and the pleasure of indulging in the splendor of color, texture and pattern.