Contact Information:

Utopian Gallery | Ivey Square
200 North Main Street, Suite 302
Greenville, SC 29601

Artist Statement

My work explores an imaginary world of creatures and humans that interact
together in sometimes rather humorous ways. Though they are normally a little
rough on the outside, there is something about their demeanor and expression that
shows a soft, lovable side. They are approachable, yet unsettling. I enjoy creating a
story in each piece, and letting the viewer’s imagination run wild with the

My primary medium of choice is woodblock printmaking. I am able to enter my
imaginary world through this media. Woodblock printmaking is an art form that
provides a fluid, creative experience demanding accuracy and permanence. The
characters start to come alive as I free their form from the surface of the wood block
and add the colors that complete the expressions of the piece. In each mark I carve
into the wood, I share my emotion. The colors sing a song, while the rhythm of the
process - carving, inking, printing - is a dance. In the end, I feel totally connected
with my piece knowing that I physically and emotionally touched every part of it. It
then feels like a part of me, and is my most satisfying experience in art making.


The studio is located on the third floor of the Ivey Square building, above Bertolos on Main Street in downtown Greenville.

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