printmaking, mixed media

Contact Information:

Art Crossing
300 River Street, Studio 104
Greenville, SC 29601
(318) 210-4192

Artist Statement

Douglas Pipers’ linoleum block printing weaves together layers of found paper, graphic block prints and handwritten text to create a vintage feel. He collects a variety of found paper, maps, books and letters to create unique linoleum carving collages.

For his work, Douglas draws inspiration from his adventures; camping, hiking & biking to places such as the Colorado Mtns and the AT, exploring the local lakes and the Carolina Coast, as well as running around the mountains of his home state of South Carolina. Old weathered cabins, well worn backpacks and seasoned sailboats are all layered on old maps to lure the onlooker in and hopefully spark memories of their own past travels and experiences.

Douglas Piper currently lives and works in Greenville, South Carolina. He travels constantly and spends much of his time in the outdoors, both of which impact his work.