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Medium: Clay & Wood , Fiber Arts , Painting , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Being made from dirt, I can't help but be drawn to the great outdoors for inspiration. My work explores the beauty of nature that is all around us: light, colors, textures, and patterns.

Whether in the form of landscape, flora, or the human figure, I explore these subjects by slightly abstracting them with oils, acrylics, and pastels on wooden panel and paper. My handwoven textile pieces represent fractured light, patterns in natural stones and elements of the earth, as well as landscapes and cloudscapes.

When dealing with naturally awe-inspiring subject matter, the struggle is to find new ways to reinvent, while not losing its beauty. In my work, I strive to overcome this struggle by using different mediums from paint to wool and interesting color combinations to draw attention to overlooked focal points.