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Medium: Mixed Media , Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 908-4530

[email protected]

Artist Statement

As a kid growing up with glasses, you learn to see the world differently. A little blurry for sure, but you do always know where the sun is. Rather than crisp images, you know a collection of colorful shapes. I'm still always catching myself playing with these oddities, skewing the distances between the shapes and pretending things are something they aren't. As I went on to continue a deeper study and practice, obsessively evaluating and re-evaluating what art means to me, it became clear that the thing I sought most to capture in my work was light. Painting and collage became of top interest to me, as they both explore the building of space through light, shape, and color.
Painting enables me to create hues and imagine any shape, piecing together an image that floats somewhere between representational and surreal. Collage allows for the same response, but in a quicker, more direct way. They employ autonomous elements -be it a line, or a cut-out of a person-, large areas of color, and negative space to create depth. They are an attempt to find balance between all of these elements and the visual, emotional, or mental space they represent.
Other works are created with various dyes and inks on paper, canvas, or anything else that will hold a mark or stain These are purely about color as movement and energy, about line and rhythm inadvertently creating depth, and treating a work as an object or improvisation rather than an image.