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Medium: Printmaking , Drawing & Paper Arts , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 384-7164

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Inspired by the ancient Chinese culture, artifacts, literature, or the use of the symbolism, I am interested in refreshing the form from the past and giving new
conceptual and visual content through personal experiences. Woodcut is the primary technique in my works. It is a conventional method that remains consistent with the changing of time in history. My physical body engages intrinsically with my creating process: the repeated motion of carving transfers my physical energy into a block, or how the printing process transforms my concept into the tangible imprint through layers of mark making and ink. My current series "Valleys of Rising Hope" speaks of the hope came through during the emotional turmoil. I am intrigued by the interaction and impact of each layer woodcut impression. Depends on the value and intensity, a section of relief image could be raised or pushed back to create the sense of movement. Just as how unexpected life is, we can not have 100% guaranty of how to prepare tomorrow, not even the next moment. The hope in this vanity of life relies on the personal relationship with the Creator, Who not to reverse the hurts, but to rise the beauty from the brokenness.