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Medium: Jewelry & Glass , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 233-5900

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Jewelry is an expression of self and a window into the style and personality of the individual wearing it. The jewelry I create is an extension of myself, combining my love of color and layering pieces with the inspiration for simplicity from the one I love. My collection is based in 18k yellow, 18k white, and 18k rose gold and blended with multi-colored diamonds. I take pride in the quality of the materials I have chosen as my medium and the labor that goes into hand crafting each piece. The simplicity of this collection gives the wearer the ability to mix and match, both stones and metals, to find the look that works for them. Each piece is substantial enough to be worn individually, can be layered for more depth in color, shape, and length. Designed with the intention of adding sparkle to daily wear, combinations can be dressed up for any event. Wear with love.