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Medium: Jewelry & Glass , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 517-4885

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Duality is a main theme that runs throughout my creative process and the resulting jewelry. Obsessed with contrast, I enjoy learning ancient techniques while also keeping up with new technologies. Using a CAD program, I created two shapes that appear throughout my line. Aside from these two shapes, which are laser-sintered in nylon or cast in metal, my work is hand-fabricated using a combination of forming, soldering, and laser welding. The primary materials are sterling silver, 14k gold, laser-sintered nylon, and occasionally bronze or 14k gold plated/fill and gemstones. My love of contrast is also evident in my use of texture and choice of material. By pairing matte and polished surfaces and combining “precious “and “disposable” materials I create expressive objects that resonate with the viewer/wearer and can be enjoyed for years to come. I feel that being a jewelry artist allows me to occupy an odd and exciting space where design, art, and craft meet.