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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information


[email protected]

Artist Statement

Every one of my blue-hued floral paintings is created in little scraps of time that I steal away between homeschooling my three kids and all that managing a family entails. What feels like a sacrifice becomes a life-giving escape that fuels my soul and helps me express stored up beauty from my extraordinary, ordinary life. All the little stolen moments add up to a finished floral painting that feels like a cool drink on a hot day, linen drying on the line, toes in dewy grass — they feel fresh and nostalgic and imaginative.

The color blue helps me process my fears and any grief that manifests in this wild and wonderful life. Blue helps me express those deep feelings, but then ushers me into a place of joy and resolve. I like to say that I'm in my Blue Period and happy about it. My mind seeks solace in a dozen blue hues: indigo, periwinkle, ultramarine, cobalt, sky blue, and more. Blue is sky and water, it is peace and safety, it is midnight and dawn, both expansive and grounding.