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Medium: Photography & Video , Visual Arts

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[email protected]

As a photographer, I think of the emotions I display in the work that I create. As an artist, I seek to create art that connects viewers to myself in an emotional way. In creating a connection to myself I am also connecting my work with others that identify with the emotional representation of my work. This is deliberate and thought out. Connecting and identifying is one of the ways in which we experience art of any kind. We must identify with something in a work of art to be interested in it or to love it or feel drawn to it or even to hate it. The human condition is surmised by connecting with others on a deeper level. Through art I am trying to make that connection. I can not always make that connection in real life, but I seek to make it through the creation of art. Each piece I create is an attempt to display an emotion that I cannot express in any other way efficiently.
The work of photography in my creative outlet is paramount. I choose to express emotional connectivity through expressive imagery, that is easily identified with by anyone that views the work. By conveying such common human emotions as love, hate, anxiety, fear, joy, surprise, and anticipation, I hope to allow others to connect with me and my work as they view my work quickly and concretely.