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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

[email protected]

Amanda Cox creates art for its own sake. A contemporary impressionist painter, Cox presents her work as visual explorations of common themes – landscapes, florals and abstract compositions – imbued with bright colors, depth, bold brushwork and vibrant hues.

Cox is best known for her work as a painter and art educator in the Sumter, SC community. She was the Education Director for the Sumter County Gallery of Art for over a decade, taking a few years off in the middle to pursue graduate study in the field, gaining experience working in a wide variety of media along the way. Cox was also the Visual Arts Teacher at Crosswell Drive Elementary in Sumter, SC, and most recently Education and Visitor Services Manager for the Sumter County Museum.

Cox works in acrylics, pastels and mixed media preferring bright, opaque colors and free, broad strokes to achieve the hard lines and impressionism seen in many of her paintings. Color and light are very important in the pieces. Her understanding of color theory has lead to her hallmark use of complimentary colors to create a type of beautiful tension and eye-catching interest. The artist has an innate sense of color and isn’t afraid to break the rules. She believes it is her job as an artist to show the inner, unspeakable essence, the ineffable qualities of common but timeless subjects – flowers, landscapes, trees, animals, people, moments.