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Medium: Fiber Arts , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information


[email protected]

Artist Statement

Selene’s Fabric Art is my attempt to recreate the beauty of the world with fabric, a journey I started as I was searching for a way to channel my creative side into something I would enjoy. This has become so much bigger than I expected. It has opened my eyes to a new level of appreciation for the beautiful world around me. It has also challenged me to learn new skills, to expand my creativity, to discover talents I did not know I had.
Creating the artwork is a multiple steps process that starts with deciding on the subject. Inspiration is influenced by places I visit, photos, articles I read, and my Brazilian heritage. My vision for the subject chosen determines the size of the artwork and the fabrics to be used. Unlike oil or acrylics, I am not able to “create” the color I want. I must try different fabrics until I am satisfied with the results. “Art is the highest form of hope.” - Gerhard Richter. If I am to give people hope through my art, I must put my best effort into it.


We have two artists in the studio - Selene Paschoal (textile art) and Gerri Gyman (acrylic). The space has an artist's working area as well as a showcase area where the artworks are displayed.