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Medium: Drawing & Paper Arts , Visual Arts , Drawing , Illustration

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Robbin Phillip’s long and successful career as one of the founders and President of a beautiful branding and design company called Brains on Fire has kept her surrounded by brilliant artists, writers, creators and dreamers. Most of her branding career days were spent in awe of the talent she worked alongside each and every day. In 2019, she sold her shares in Brains on Fire and set out to create a remarkable Third Act. Her travels and adventures and paintings have been a part of that magical journey so far.

The most amazing art is done by five year olds.
“I’m a bit of a perfectionist. When I sit down to paint with my watercolors, all that desire to be perfect or get things just right simply melts away. When I make a “mistake”, I’ve learned to embrace it. I hope my art encourages you to get messy and use your imagination, I hope you find work that feels like play. I hope you find a way to remember what it feels like to be five again.”