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Medium: Printmaking , Drawing & Paper Arts , Fiber Arts , Mixed Media , Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(843) 609-5749

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Inspired by travelling the expansive U.S., I have developed a style that splices my traditional painting background with mixed media collage in order to portray visual over stimulation and an unsettling sense of place and time in our modern world. I keep my practice experimental and avante garde, yet rooted in personal narrative and a sustainable studio approach.

There is beauty and sorrow in everything from junk mail, other trash, candid photos, strips of handouts and readily available paraphernalia. I paint or arrange a multitude of these elements to create relationships amongst the overwhelming visual influx of my own life. In the act of extemporaneously composing each piece, I question themes of individualism, self awareness, and the dualities our society creates (simultaneously horrifying and understandable to me). The result? Off-beat landscapes that show complex layers of trying to understand the world with forever shifting perceptions.