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Medium: Visual Arts Organizations , Performing Arts Organizations

Contact Information

[email protected]

Mission Statement

Palmetto & Luna’s mission is to foster an understanding of the Hispanic/Latino culture by promoting artistic creation and providing opportunities for cultural expression for the community in South Carolina.
• Create awareness of the Hispanic/Latino arts and culture in South Carolina.
• Expand the scope of art exhibitions and art education in South Carolina to include Hispanic/Latino artists in order to present more diverse insights and inspiration and the often-misunderstood cultural manifestation of Hispanic/Latino artists.
• Help to integrate the rapidly growing Hispanic/Latino population into the mainstream arts community.
• Promote emerging Hispanic/Latino artists in South Carolina.
• Empower the Hispanic/Latino community through collaborative public art programs.

Additional Information

The best way to start understanding and being part of Palmetto Luna Arts is by participating in our monthly public event El TRESome.
El TRESome is a creative challenge, a unique art experience involving three Latino artists (each time) coming together for sixty minutes to create three different perspectives of a common theme. During this challenge, the artists gather to choose a common theme, provide their input about the topic and then create an art piece in the allotted time (90 minutes). To participate you will have to follow the guidelines of the project. The guidelines for the project are quite simple:
• The participating artists agree to meet for a creative challenge.
• Participants should discuss and decide on a topic for EL TRESome at the time of the gathering. It is not allowed to discuss/decide the topic prior to the meeting.
• Visual and plastic artists can submit only one piece (i.e. One photograph, one painting, one sculpture, etc)
• Writers can submit a piece of literature (Short story, poem, etc).
• All materials must be submitted at the end of the allotted time: ninety minutes.
• Materials can be presented separately or as a collective production.