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Medium: Sculpture & Metal , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 704-6929

[email protected]

Artist Statement

I was introduced to her in early childhood and she has consumed my soul ever since. She is quite the lure, mysterious and sexy. I have spent a lifetime trying to please her and understand her. She keeps me at a distance. Some say that I am blessed to have known her. Sometimes, I think it might be a curse. She unwraps your soul leaving one naked and alone. She visits so infrequently. She is art and I am addicted to her.
For me, art is just as much about the process as it is the final product. My artistic process begins with the idea, a visual idea. That idea is then dissected and twisted, conceptually. This may take days or even years.  I then sketch and do the research. After working out which materials will give the desired look, I begin and the troubleshooting begins.
I have been a professional artist for twenty-five years. I work in an array of mediums: wood, clay, metal, glass and stone. My goal is to manipulate these materials into a piece that makes the observer stop and take a second look. When brows furrow, eyes open wider, smiles form or even when the head sways in disgust, I know I have pleased her.