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Medium: Drawing & Paper Arts , Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(276) 259-9431

[email protected]


Artist Statement

"My practice is driven by curiosity. I’ve always been more of a scientist and explorer than a storyteller or activist. My childhood was largely spent outdoors exploring the woods and hills around our Vermont family home. I was fascinated by how my sense of where landmarks or features were in relationship to one another was quite different from the reality of the space. I began college as a chemistry major, fueled by that sense of exploration and discovery. My interests shifted when I felt that discovery, the key element that drew me to chemistry, was being diluted in the classes that I was taking. Ultimately, I was brought to pursue art when that innate part of my identity was rekindled by the realization that the world was filled with visual anomalies just waiting to be discovered if you paid close enough attention.

I use painting to ask questions about existence and learn about how I relate to everything around me. The paintings are experiments, and I want them to be simultaneously vast and intimate – equally fleeting and precious. They are an abstract and physical extension of me exploring my experiences – furthering my understanding of how I exist in space. They function as both the result of asking questions and the impetus for asking more questions. I visually feel my way through the space of them. I touch them and feel their surfaces while I work on them. I consider every part of them with both my eyes and fingers. I invite the viewer to inhabit them, engage with the questions I have asked, and come away with their own questions about their space. When I start a painting, I do not know where it will go. A painting is finished when both the familiar and the undiscovered resonate."


Take I 385 S to I 85. Take I 85 N to Exit 56. Stay in the left lane and bear left onto Highway 14. At the next light, by the QT, take a left onto Johns Rd, which will turn into W Phillips Rd. At the stop sign, take a right onto Gibbs Shoals Rd. You will pass Dillard Rd on your left, and take the next right into Chartwell Estates. At the stop sign, take a right onto Chartwell Dr. Take the first right onto Brigantine Ln and then a right onto Shipyard Ln. Studio is the 3rd house down on the right.