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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 235-1800

Artist Statement

We open the doors here at 26 South Main in 1989 in Greenville showing contemporary work as well as Folk Art and soon became a destination location for art collectors throughout SC, Georgia, and NC.  We are very thankful to have had such a sincere and loyal group of supporters at a time before Greenville blossomed into the destination city you will experience today. Now we have art collectors from around the world walking through the doors everyday. We know that we are here because of the support since the 1980’s from our local arts community and the willingness to stay on Main Street along with several other great businesses that have maintained through our city’s development.
My focus has never been to seek art work based on just what sells but what I feel is strong work that is created by artists with drive and passion about their need for artistic expression.
I have to love the work and be able to present it with enthusiasm and appreciation. I know that the artists work that we show is the best that I can offer you. Enjoy our website, visit us on Facebook, or just walk in the door and and experience the whole collection!