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Medium: Galleries , Museums and Galleries

Contact Information

(864) 363-8172

Mission Statement

Art & Light is located at 16 Aiken Street in Greenville, SC, in the heart of the Village of West Greenville. Home to over 15 area artists, we are filled to the brim with a finely curated collection of paintings, woodcuts and mixed media work. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned art collector we can help you find the art that reflects you and your style.
“To me art is the ultimate personal statement. In many ways, your choices in art are a window to your soul, your family’s soul. If you buy the art you love, art that speaks to you, then your collection will become a visual collage of who you are. That’s where I, and Art & Light, come in; I can help you make those choices and produce a stunning visual collage.”
– Teresa R.