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Medium: Jewelry & Glass , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 901-2044

[email protected]

Artist Statement

Art for your home is not just about the “sofa painting” that matches your décor. It should cause you to contemplate, smile, or even laugh out loud. Using one of a kind art pieces from local and regional artists is one way to showcase the style and flavor of the area. As an interior designer for forty years and working with clients throughout the South, it has been my objective to select art that engages your feelings. The unique kiln-formed glass furnishings and accessories that I create in my own studio allow me the freedom to express emotion through color, movement, rhythm, and the energy of light sparkling in the glass. Amazingly, a simple glass bowl or a functional, although somewhat funky, glass top table can cause you to smile. Each piece is an original. Many hours are spent in design and fabrication. Fused glass must be heated and cooled very slowly. My designs are influenced by the many faces and styles of today’s South. I have learned much about patience in working with the glass in a kiln. Perhaps the Southern way of life has some influence.