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Medium: Photography & Video , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 787-8585

Artist Statement

There are more reasons to photograph than I would ever attempt to list. I can only arrive at one for referring to my personal visual expressions as “Art”. That reason is, to make a statement that would otherwise go unexpressed. The statement may be cultural, political, allegorical, informational, symbolic, ironic, universal, personal, or contain part and parcel of all. It will always be a fraction of a second of timing and observation. An observation that has been cut out of time as a reminder of a question that went unanswered, illustrated by the play of light across reality. Photography in and of itself is the recording of reflected light onto a light sensitive material, film or CCD, using a gathering device (camera) and then subjecting the latent image to a process, chemical or mathematical, making it visible to the human eye. I continue to remain a hunter-gatherer, stalking riddles to answer.