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Medium: Printmaking , Digital Arts , Mixed Media , Painting , Photography & Video , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 905-0166

[email protected]


Artist Statement

"I am learning to share my voice, and to open the door to my studio.

When i began to journal regularly, my words would spill spell out graffito onto the painted canvas with repeating doodles and my obsession with texture revealed a need for me to find my voice. I fluctuate between ipad w/apple pencil and traditional sketchbook.

I like to tinker with technology and also to creatively play with words. I respectfully challenge the standards of grammar while still conveying a shared meaning with my viewer.
My puzzle series has evolved into an exploration of mixing traditional paint techniques with my digital profession. I have recently adopted an image transfer process with good resolve to achieve a finished product. My fine art pieces are a successful homage to my work history in package design and typesetting. The transformation of a printed flat into a painted texture is my success."


From downtown, take Main St north and turn left onto E Elford St. Take the next right onto Townes St. Travel 0.2 miles and turn left onto Central Ave. The studio is on your right. Look for the colorful sculptures out front.