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Medium: Printmaking , Digital Arts , Mixed Media , Painting , Photography & Video , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 905-0166

[email protected]


Artist Statement

"I am learning to share my voice, and to open the door to my studio.

When i began to journal regularly, my words would spill spell out graffito onto the painted canvas with repeating doodles and my obsession with texture revealed a need for me to find my voice. I fluctuate between ipad w/apple pencil and traditional sketchbook.

I like to tinker with technology and also to creatively play with words. I respectfully challenge the standards of grammar while still conveying a shared meaning with my viewer.
My puzzle series has evolved into an exploration of mixing traditional paint techniques with my digital profession. I have recently adopted an image transfer process with good resolve to achieve a finished product. My fine art pieces are a successful homage to my work history in package design and typesetting. The transformation of a printed flat into a painted texture is my success."


Heading down N. Main towards North St. take a right onto College St. Travel for one block then take a right onto Townes St. Continue on Townes for a quarter mile (you'll pass the Greek Orthodox Church), and take a left onto Central Ave. Good Art Co. will be the first parking lot on the right.