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Medium: Open Studios , Sculpture & Metal , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 214-5668

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Some time ago I purchased a ~60 year old metal sculpture that (unknown to me...) was broken and missing pieces. Rather than toss my new treasure, I spent some time doing research, finding components and teaching myself to braze and weld. The two-fold result is a beautifully redeemed wall sculpture that is proudly on display in my home and the start of a new adventure. One where I am working for me and enjoying every minute of it. My beautiful wife tolerates my eccentricities and, along with our two daughters, strongly supports my artwork.

I am a child of the sixties. I grew up in the central (""Fly over"") US. Over the years I have lived in the Mountain West, the Rust Belt, the Deep South and finally the Southeast. My parents were the owners of an original Mid-Century Modern home and had the furnishings and the artwork to match. As a result I acquired my Mid-Century tastes at an early age and have returned to them in my latter life. My work is inspired by the art of that time but it is recently designed and built.

Artist Statement

My sculptures are generally made from antique style nails (also known as cut, foundry or masonry nails) and other up-cycled metal components that have been brazed and/or welded together. I am interested in and inspired by the designs that became popular in the middle of the last century known as Modernism or Brutalism. The style itself can be described as harsh or exposed with clean lines and sharp angles. In architecture it usually involves exposed concrete and steel and has an industrial feel. My work, while inspired by that time is contemporary, recently designed and built.


Head northeast on Wade Hampton Blvd and travel 1.8 miles to Pleasantburg. Turn right on Pleasantburg Dr and continue to Edwards Rd. Continue on Edwards Rd and turn right onto Spring Valley Rd. #10 is in one block.