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Medium: Mixed Media , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 901-5426

[email protected]


Artist Statement

In my visual art, I dream with my hands. My creative process usually looks like this: I pick up an object from my collection of scavenged and self-fashioned items, and then pair it with other such objects until a certain combination of two objects evokes an emotional response. I continue as such, adding objects and textures until I feel like the piece is a complete statement. A finished piece may consist of anywhere from three to over one-hundred items, the synergy of which may explore relationships with things such as time, decisions, family, popular culture, technology, the body, the soul, the past, and the future. Every piece tells a story of the human experience. I finish my artwork with various treatments of paint, metallic pigments, and varnish.

My literary ventures range from writing on comparative religion to setting down biographies. My recent book publications include Crossing the Line – A Memoir of Race, Religion and Change (with Richard Abercrombie, Bellwood Press 2019) and Light of the Kingdom – Biblical Topics in the Baha’i Writings (Baha’i Publishing Trust, 2016) as well as numerous papers in theology journals (see


From downtown Greenville, travel north on Main St to the stoplight at E Park Ave. Turn right on E Park Ave and continue straight 3.1 miles. Turn right at the stoplight at Beaufort St. Go up the hill 400 feet to the stop sign at Spring Forest Rd. Turn left on Spring Forest Rd and travel 200 ft. #23 Spring Forest Rd is the second house on the right.